When you have lost a tooth or more than one tooth, chances are high that your whole life will be affected by the development. The lost tooth will negatively affect the quality of your smile, bite distribution when you chew and over time, it may affect the structure of your face.

No matter what you have lost your teeth to, whether due to gum diseases, accidents, facial trauma, and other occurrences, there is a need for you to actively pursue restorative dental options to prevent you from suffering one or more of the common issues associated with a lost tooth. If you have begun having difficulties with eating and speaking, now is the best time to visit our dental clinic to have your oral health condition looked into and the best restorative dental procedure recommended.

At our dental clinic, the quality of your smile is important to us and this is why we are constantly working on providing you with the best restorative dental technologies and procedures that will guarantee better oral health and save you from further embarrassment.

By visiting our dental clinic, rest assured that a missing tooth can be replaced as soon as possible with the expertise of our dental specialists. They are ready to work with you to ensure that normal structure and function are restored to your mouth.

Our dental care specialists can provide dentures as a solution to restoring your smile and boosting your overall appearance.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are dental fixtures that have been used for hundreds of years to replace missing teeth while boosting the patient’s appearance and quality of smile. Dentures are a form of prosthesis. They are removable and have become one of the most common solutions to missing teeth problems.

Dentures are made to consist of a base that attaches or rests directly on the gum tissue. The base is the structure that holds the replacement teeth. In modern-day dentistry, dentures are much more realistic in appearance and this is due to years of improvement in dentistry and dental practice. With dentures in place, you stand a chance of passing them off as your natural teeth. This is because the base is made from an acrylic material that is colored to match the appearance of your natural gum tissue. In addition, the teeth are made from acrylic resin which means that they are designed to look as natural as possible.

Dentures for replacing a full arch of missing teeth

Tooth loss can be due to a wide range of conditions. Some people lose their teeth due to age, while others due to physical trauma or dental disease and infection. Whatever be the reason for the lost teeth, dentures can be used as the best restorative dental procedure for this development.

When most people think of dentures, they imagine the replacement of a full dental arch, whether the top arch or the bottom arch or in some cases, both arches.

Before our dentists give out dentures, patients will be properly examined to ensure that all weak or diseased teeth are removed from the jaw to allow for proper installation of the denture. Following the removal, a dental impression of the patient’s gums and teeth is taken and a suitable denture is designed based on the available information.

Partial Dentures

While most people are more familiar with complete dentures, there is also the option of partial dentures. Partial dentures are designed to cater to a section of the full dental arch, whether top, bottom or both. Partial dentures are most suitable for people who are missing several consecutive teeth on their top, bottom or both arches. The unhealthy teeth in the series are removed while a partial denture is made with the aim to provide restorative advantages to patients.

For a partial denture, an impression of the affected area is made and the healthy teeth are left in place. The denture is made from an acrylic base that is designed to mirror the color and appearance of the gums, while the acrylic resin teeth are designed to mirror the appearance of the healthy natural teeth in the patient’s mouth. Being a removable dental appliance, our dentists offer patients the best care guidelines for their dentures.

Are There Alternatives To Traditional Dentures?

Dentures remain the most common restoration procedure for full and partial dental arch replacement. Over the years, however, traditional dentures have been improved upon. The improvement has seen the introduction of better designs, better denture materials and improvement on the several disadvantages associated with the procedure.

Also, there is an alternative to the traditional dentures today and this alternative address more issues. Dental implants, an alternative to dentures, is a permanent dental installation that offers patients a natural-looking tooth and can be used to replace a section of missing teeth or one missing tooth. Dental implants have also been designed to cater to most of the disadvantages that have been associated with dentures.