Dental Crowns

Dentists are committed to ensuring that their patients are presented with the best oral care and treatment. Here at our dental clinic, we are more than willing to work with you to ensure that your oral care and treatment needs are well attended to.

We understand that there are a variety of dental care and treatment options available. This is why we work with each one of our patients to arrive at the most suitable solution to meet their needs. Our dental care and treatment services range from cosmetic dental procedures to oral surgery, root canals, wisdom teeth and tooth extraction procedures, dentures and all other necessary procedures that will see the restoration of a beautiful smile.

A common procedure we offer at our dental practice is dental crowns. The basic principle behind the dental crown, which is made from porcelain crown, is that it is used to restore the shape, size, and function to the tooth. This means that if you have suffered chips, cracks, or other accidents that may have compromised the structure and aesthetic appearance of your tooth, a dental crown can be used as the perfect restorative option.

Porcelain crowns, when compared to other dental procedures like dental veneers or dental fillings, are considered to be stronger and more efficient in restoring the shape, size, and function of the teeth.

Why Do You Need A Dental Crown?

At our dental practice, we have a team of restorative dental specialists whose job is to see to it that your perfect smile is restored after you have been involved in an accident or after you have suffered diseases or oral infections that are damaging to the teeth. Our restorative dental experts will take care to access your dental needs and proceed to suggest three basic methods of addressing the condition and restore the quality of your smile.

Among the options suggested are dental crowns, dental bonding, and veneers. Of these three options, dental crowns are the most versatile in that they not only improve the appearance of teeth but also contribute towards functionality.

There are a lot of reasons why you may need a dental crown for your oral health. Some of the common reasons why our dentists will suggest dental crowns to you include oral decay, failing restoration, and after a root canal treatment. 

At our dental care center, our restorative dentists may also treat tooth decay or cavities and recommend dental crowns as a means to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

How Do I Know If Dental Crowns Are The Best Option For Me?

We recommend that you should visit our dental clinic to have one of our professionals to perform proper tests to ensure that the best procedure is recommended for your oral health needs. However, there are a few factors that may readily reveal the need for dental crowns.

How Porcelain Crowns Are Installed

When you visit our dental clinic, our dental care specialists will examine the affected area of the teeth and conclude with the best line of action. In the event a dental crown is recommended, dental preparation of the affected tooth will be made before the dental crown is placed.

Our dentists make use of the latest, cutting-edge equipment to ensure that your needs are well attended to. As part of the equipment used, we will conduct a dental x-ray of the affected area to better assess the condition of the jawbone and teeth root.

In the aftermath of the examination, dental measurements and impressions are made to establish the right sizes and shapes of the tooth’s crown while also considering the functionality of the crown.

The first visit to our clinic after the measurement will see to the fixing of the temporary dental crown. The final stage involves the installation of the permanent crown on your tooth.

Before the permanent crown is cemented or bonded to the tooth, our dentists will perform a thorough tooth cleaning and fitting to ensure that you are no longer at risk for infection and bacteria.