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What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are great for replacing missing teeth. If you have lost a tooth due to physical accidents, or dental diseases, there is a need to ensure that you actively work towards replacing the missing tooth. While most people are familiar with removable dentures, this isn’t the only solution to your missing tooth problem.

Dentures are available in two main options, partial and complete dentures are removable dental appliances that can be used to replace missing teeth in the mouth. However, most patients have complained about the uneasy feeling associated with the wearing of the dental appliance. On the other hand, dental bridges are a permanent restorative solution in that they are cemented permanently which ensures that you enjoy a more natural experience.

Our dental bridges have been designed so that you will not need to have a replacement for many years to come. However, with dental bridges, our dentists will ensure that you observe the best possible dental care and hygiene practices to ensure that you are free from dental diseases.

Why Choose Dental Bridge?

Our dentists understand that tooth loss can be a devastating experience, considering the pain, discomfort and the modified appearance in the aftermath of the loss. If you have lost your front teeth, chances are that this may in some way affect your self-confidence, self-esteem and the overall quality of your smile. While losing a front tooth is no joyous experience, losing a back tooth is also not a pleasant experience.

If you have lost a tooth, whether a front or back tooth, our dentists can restore the lost tooth with the use of dental bridges and give you the desired appearance and quality smile you crave for.

Who Needs a Dental Bridge?

There are several reasons why you may want to get a dental bridge for your mouth. Perhaps the most common reason would be due to tooth loss as a result of physical impact. However, people also choose dental bridges as a restorative process for when they get peridontal disease or decay. 

Other people that can benefit from the world of advantages offered by dental bridges are those who have lost their teeth as a result of bacteria, infection and other dental diseases that require the removal of their teeth.

While a dental bridge is one of the most common solutions for missing teeth, it is not the only solution that can be administered for restorative purposes. One of the many advantages of dental bridges is that it offers natural-looking teeth that aren’t much different in color and appearance from other teeth in the mouth.

How is the dental bridge procedure done?

To enjoy the complete benefits of a dental bridge, you will need to see the dentist twice. At the first visit to our dental clinic, the anchor teeth will be prepped to hold the missing porcelain tooth. To ensure uniformity, the abutment or anchor teeth surrounding the affected area will be made smaller so that they do not appear strange when the bridge is set.

The second and final session will see to the cementing of the dental porcelain bridge or dental crown. The temporary bridge that was installed on the first visit to the dentist will be removed and the porcelain bridge will be fitted on the affected area. Adjustments will also be made to the installation to ensure that the porcelain bridge matches the other teeth in the mouth.

After proper adjustments have been made, a strong dental adhesive cement will be applied to the dental installation to hold it in place.

While many people choose dental bridges for their restorative dentistry needs, others may find dental implants more suitable for their needs.

Results To Expect?

A dental bridge is installed with the aim to restore missing teeth, therefore, improving the quality of smile and also boosting the patient’s oral health. With a dental bridge, you can rest assured that all unaesthetic gaps or unwanted gaps will be appropriately closed. Choosing a dental bridge will improve the overall quality of your bite and take the pressure off the teeth surrounding the affected area.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are 3 types of dental bridges which include:

  1. Traditional Dental Bridges: This type of bridge involves making a crown for a tooth or an implant for one of the sides of the missing tooth. This is one of the most common types of dental bridges and the replacement tooth is made from porcelain-ceramic or porcelain-metal material.
  2. Cantilever Dental Bridges: Cantilever dental bridges are suitable for people who have teeth next to each other on only one corner of the missing teeth.
  3. Maryland Bonded Dental Bridges: These types of dental bridges are made from plastic, porcelain or porcelain-metal. It is also known as Resin-Bonded Bridges.